I am glad you popped in!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Rita Benkő (but Benko is close enough), 

and I look roughly like this. I earned a master's degree as a biologist in 2002. I joined research work in 2000 (how long ago? Impossible!) at Semmelweis University, the former Institute of Human Physiology and Clinical Experimental Research as an undergraduate student. I also earned a Ph.D. at Semelweis University, my supervisor was Dr. Csaba Szabó. I defended my thesis in early 2009.  

In 2015, there was a partial reorganization of physiology teaching, at that time - with some colleagues - we joined the Department of Physiology. I was appointed to assistant professor in 2017. 

During the reorganization I decided to build a homepage of my own. At that time, I only chose a provider, uploaded my CV and felt completely satisfied. About that time I also dusted off my camera and restarted snapping photos - but also started to pay more attention to the details. This led to a decision three years later that I can or can not give some food for thought for beginner photographers (available only in Hungarian). I use this forum to promote my own photos too. 

Recently I undertake to regularly translate the works of my favourite author, Cyrano de Bergerac's into Hungarian. (One day I may or may not venture into English translation.) Most of his writings are not available in Hungarian - yet:-)

Look around, leave a message if you want!